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About Todd

What a Party ! What a Ride!

Starting with my first professional gig at the tender age of 15 through
playing a beach gig today, folks I need to tell ya; I have had a real good
time! My professional life has been a ride surrounded by music, by fun
by travel that has lead down the track to meeting a whole lot of great
people. Everyone says Show Business is tough and believe me, it is. 

Like anything though, you get out of it what you put in.

So this ride has taken me to music gigs, to comedy gigs, to writing
songs, to opening an Entertainment and Event company and that road
lead me to meeting some of the coolest and most talented people in
the world. I’ve had folks tell me, “Don’t you think that’s enough”? I’m
here to tell you, “I’m just getting started”!

The last decade has definitely been the best. I’ve written songs for four
album projects as well as half a dozen single releases. With a lot of help
from some extremely talented and patient people , my songs have
been played on radio stations around the world. I have fans in all over
the States and Canada, Europe , Australia, South America, Asia and
even New York City!

We’ve recorded music videos, live performance videos, performed live
streamed videos via the internet! There has been a syndicated radio
show called Party in Paradise with my partner in love AND crime,
Sunshine Cheri. PiP was on stations in the States, Canada and we even
had a station in New Zealand. I have had the great fortune of being a

CMT ( Country Music Television) Artist for a while as well as being an
iHeart Radio artist. There have been dozens of interviews and
promotions along with voice over work and television ads. One of my
songs, “Take Me There”, was used by Southwest Airlines for a time on
their radio podcast that led to multiple live shows for SWA. Another
song, “(Walking Around) The Border of the Quarter” will be used in a
future ad campaign for the great restaurant chain in New Orleans, The
Acme Oyster House.

The entertainment company I started has given me the great fortune to
work with some of the most talented and extraordinary people. Those
relationships allowed to work events all over the USA. Some of the
extremely talented people we have worked with are ( STAND BY FOR
NAME DROPPING) Johnny Rivers, Percy Sledge, John Schneider, Collin
Raye, and many, many more!

What’s next?
More !
More writing songs! More performing! More recording! More Radio
Shows! More travel to cool places! More working with great people !
What a Ride!
What a Party!

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