Merry Christmas from the Party Doctor!!!

HEY Y'all.....Here's your Christmas present!

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The Doctor's Life

What a Party ! What a Ride!

Starting with my first professional gig at the tender age of 15 through
playing a beach gig today, folks I need to tell ya; I have had a real good
time! My professional life has been a ride surrounded by music, by fun
by travel that has lead down the track to meeting a whole lot of great
people. Everyone says Show Business is tough and believe me, it is. Like
anything though, you get out of it what you put in.

So this ride has taken me to music gigs, to comedy gigs, to writing
songs, to opening an Entertainment and Event company and that road
lead me to meeting some of the coolest and most talented people in
the world. I’ve had folks tell me, “Don’t you think that’s enough”? I’m
here to tell you, “I’m just getting started”!


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